New Hampshire Wildflowers

Common Name Index

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Acacia, Rose Floating Heart, Small Pimpernel, Scarlet
Adder's Tongue Foam flower Pineapple Weed
Alfalfa Forget-me-not, Field Pink Knotweed
Allegheny Monkey-flower Forget-me-not, Smaller Pink, Deptford (Grass Pink)
Alyssum, Hoary Forget-me-not, True Pink, Maiden
Anemone, Wood ------- G Pinxter Flower
Apple, Balsam Gaillardia, Firewheel Pipewort, Common
Arbutus, Trailing Gall-of-the-earth Pipsissewa
Arrowhead Garden Columbine Pitcher Plant
Asparagus Gentian, Closed Pitcher Plant, Northern
Aster, Awl Gentian, Narrow-leaved Pitcher Plant, Purple
Aster, Big-leaved Geranium, Wild Plantain, Common
Aster, Bog Gerardia, Smooth Plantain, English
Aster, Bristly Ginseng, Dwarf Plantain, Robin's
Aster, Calico Globe-thistle Pogonia, Rose
Aster, Flat-topped Goatsbeard, Fistulous Pogonia, Rose (white)
Aster, New England Golden Alexanders Polygala, Fringed
Aster, Panicled Goldenrod, Alpine Poor Man's Weatherglass
Aster, Purple-stemmed Goldenrod, Blue-stemmed Primrose, Evening
Aster, Small White Goldenrod, Broad-leaved Prince's Pine
Aster, Stiff Goldenrod, Canada Privet, Common
Aster, Wavy-leaved Goldenrod, Common Purple Milkwort
Aster, White Wood Goldenrod, Common Flat-topped Purple-leaved Willow Herb
Aster, Whorled Goldenrod, Downy ------- Q
Avens, Mountain Goldenrod, Dusty Queen Anne's Lace
Avens, White Goldenrod, Early Queen of the Prairie
Avens, Yellow Goldenrod, Gray Quickweed, Common
Azalea, Rosebud Goldenrod, Lance-leaved ------- R
Azalia, Alpine Goldenrod, New England Radish, Wild
------- B Goldenrod, Rough-stemmed Ragged Robin
Baneberry, Red Goldenrod, White Ragweed, Common
Barberry, Common Goldenrod, Wrinkle-leaved Ragwort, Round-leaved
Basil, Wild Goldenrod, Zig-zag Raspberry, Dwarf
Bean, Annual Wild Goldthread Raspberry, Purple Flowering
Bean, Trailing Wild Grass Pink Raspberry, Wild Red
Bearberry Grass, Blue-eyed Redleg
Beard-tongue, White Ground Nut Rhodora
Bedstraw, Northern Three-lobed Ground-cherry, Clammy Robbins Ragwort
Bedstraw, Yellow Groundsel, Common Rose, Beach
Bee Balm Groundsel, New England Rose, Multiflora
Beggar-ticks, Devil's Groundsel, Running Rose, Swamp
Beggar-ticks, Purplestem ------- H ------- S
Beggar-ticks, Swamp Hardhack Sand Spurrey, Roadside
Bellflower, Creeping Harebell Sand-spurrey, Marine
Bellflower, Marsh Hawk Weed, Orange Sand-spurrey, Saltmarsh
Bellflower, Rover Hawkweed, Canada Sandwort, Mountain
Bellwort, Large-flowered Hawkweed, Panicled Sarsaparilla, Bristly
Bellwort, Sessile Hawkweed, Rough Sarsaparilla, Wild
Bergamot, Wild Hawkweed, Sticky Scorpion-grass, Field
Bilberry, Alpine Hawkweed, Yellow Sea Lavender
Bilberry, Bog Heal-all Shadbush
Bindweed, Fringed Heather Sharp-leaved Aster
Bird's-eye Speedwell Hedge Bindweed Shepherd's Purse
Black Alder Heliotrope, Garden Shinleaf, Common
Black-eyed Susan Helleborine Shinleaf, Elliptical
Blackberry, Common Hepatica, Round-lobed Shinleaf, Rounded
Bladderwort, Common Herb-Robert Silver-rod
Bladderwort, Greater Highbush Blueberry Skullcap, Mad Dog
Blazing Star, Dense Hobblebush Skullcap, Marsh
Blazing Star, Large Hog Peanut Smartweed, Dock-leaved
Blazing Star, Northern Honewort Smartweed, Dotted
Blood Milkwort Honeysuckle, American Fly Smartweed, Pennsylvania
Bloodroot Honeysuckle, Fly Snake Mouth
Blue Bead Lily Honeysuckle, Northern Bush Snakeroot, Black
Blue Curls Honeysuckle, Tartarian Sneezeweed, Purple-headed
Blue Vetch Hop-Clover Snowberry, Common
Bluebell Hop-clover, Low Solomon's Seal, False
Blueberry, Early Lowbush Horseweed Solomon's Seal, Hairy
Bluets Hyacinth, Grape Solomon's Seal, Starry False
Bog Loosestrife Hyssop, Purple Giant Sorrel, Common
Boneset ------- I Sorrel, Red
Bottle Gentian Indian Blanket Sorrel, Sheep
Bouncing Bet Indian Physic Sow Thistle, Common
Bowman's Root Indian Pipe Spatterdock
Bristly Dewberry Indian Tobacco Spearwort, Creeping
Broomrape, Naked Indian Turnip Speedwell, Common
Buckbean, Blue-Ridge Indigo, Blue False Speedwell, Germander
Bugbane Iris, Blue Flag Speedwell, Long-leaved
Bugle Iris, Yellow Speedwell, Narrow-leaved
Bugleweed Iris, Yellow Flag Speedwell, Thyme-leaved
Bullhead Lily Ivy, Common Poison Spiderwort
Bunchberry Ivy, Ground Spiked Blazing Star
Bur Marigold, Larger ------- J Spreading Jacob's Ladder
Bur Marigold, Showy Jack-in-the-pulpit Spring-beauty, Carolina
Bur-reed Japanese Bamboo Squill, Siberian
Burdock, Common Joe Pye Weed Squirrel-corn
Burning Bush, Winged Johnny Jumpup St. John's Wort, Common
Butter and Eggs Jointed Charlock St. John's-wort, Canada
Buttercup, Bristly Juneberry St. John's-wort, Pale
Buttercup, Common ------- K Star of Bethlehem
Buttercup, Creeping King Devil Starflower
Buttercup, Kidneyleaf Knapweed, Brown Starved Aster
Buttercup, Marsh Knapweed, Spotted Steeple Bush
Buttercup, Small-flowered Knotweed, Japanese Sticktight
Buttercup, Swamp ------- L Stinking Benjamin
Buttercup, White Water Labrador Tea Stinking Chamomile
Butterfly-weed Ladies' Tresses, Nodding Stitchwort, Lesser
Buttonbush Ladies' Tresses, Slender Stonecrop, Mossy
------- C Lady's Slipper, Pink Strawberry Weed
Cabbage, Skunk Lady's Slipper, Yellow Strawberry, Barren
Campion, Bladder Lady's Thumb Strawberry, Common
Campion, White Lapland Rosebay Strawberry, Thin-leaved Wild
Cancer Root Laurel, Mountain Strawberry, Wood
Canker Root Laurel, Sheep Strawberry, Woodland
Cardinal Flower Leatherleaf Sulfur Cinquefoil
Carpet-bugle Lettuce, Tall Sumac, Staghorn
Cat-tail, Narrow-leaved Lettuce, Wild Sumac, Staghorn fruit
Catchfly, Sweet William Lily of the Valley Sundew
Cattail, Common Lily, Canada Sundrops, Northern
Celandine Lily, Day Sunflower, Cheerful
Chamomile, Scentless Lily, Tiger Sunflower, Giant
Checkerberry Lily, Trout Sunflower, Showy
Chervil, Wild Lily, Water Fragrant Sunflower, Thin-leaved
Chickweed, Common Lily, Wild Yellow Swallow-wort, Black
Chickweed, Mouse-ear Lily, Wood Swamp Blueberry
Chickweed, Star Lily, Yellow Pond Swamp Candle
Chicory Ling Sweet Scabius
Chigger Flower Lingonberry ------- T
Chives, Wild Live Forever Tall Blue Lettuce
Chokecherry Locust, Bristly Tall Rattlesnake Root
Cinquefoil, Canadian Dwarf Loosestrife, Fringed Tansy, Common
Cinquefoil, Common Loosestrife, Garden Teaberry
Cinquefoil, Mountain White Loosestrife, Hyssop-leaved Tear-thumb, Arrow-leaved
Cinquefoil, Rough Loosestrife, Purple Thistle, Bull
Cinquefoil, Rough-fruited Loosestrife, Whorled Thistle, Pasture
Cinquefoil, Silvery Lucerne Three-toothed Cinquefoil
Cinquefoil, Three-toothed Lupine, Garden Tick-trefoil, Canadian
Clintonia, Yellow Lupine, Sundial Tick-trefoil, Showy
Clover, Alsike Lupine, Wild Toadflax, Bastard
Clover, Rabbit-foot Lyon's Turtlehead Toadflax, Blue
Clover, Red ------- M Touch-me-not, Spotted
Clover, White Madder, Wild Trefoil, Birdsfoot
Clover, White Sweet Male-berry Trefoil, Panicled
Clover, Yellow Sweet Mallow, European Trillium, Large-flowered
Cohosh, Black Mallow, Musk Trillium, Painted
Coltsfoot Mallow, Vervain Trillium, Purple
Columbine, European Mandrake Turtlehead
Columbine, Wild Maple, Flowering Turtlehead, Pink
Common Skullcap Marigold, Marsh Twinflower
Common Stitchwort May-apple Twisted Stalk, Rose
Common Toadflax Mayflower, Canada ------- U
Coneflower, Cutleaf Mayweed ------- V
Coneflower, Green-headed Meadow Rue, Tall Valerian, Garden
Coneflower, Purple Meadowsweet Valerian, Greek
Coneflower, Thin-leaved Milkweed, Common Velvet-leaf
Coneflower, Three-lobed Milkweed, orange Vervain, Blue
Coreopsis, Lance-leaved Milkweed, Swamp Vetch, Cow
Cornflower Milkwort, Field Vetch, Crown
Corydalis, Golden Mint, Field Viburnum, Maple-leaved
Corydalis, Tall Mint, Wild Violet, American Dog
Cotton-grass, Tussock Moccasin-flower Violet, Common Blue
Cow Wheat Moneywort Violet, Downy Yellow
Cowbane, Spotted Motherwort, Common Violet, Marsh Blue
Crab-apple, Sweet Mountain Ash, American Violet, Northern Downy
Cranberry, Large Mountain Aster Violet, Round-leaved Yellow
Cranesbill Mountain Cranberry Violet, Sweet White
Crowfoot, Bristly Mountain Mint, Narrow-leaved Virgin's Bower
Cuckoo flower Mountain White Potentilla ------- W
Cucumber Root, Indian Mugwort, Common Wake Robin
Cucumber, Wild Mullein, Common Wallpepper; Golden Carpet
Culver's Root Mullein, Moth Water Hemlock, Bulbiferous
Currant, Skunk Mustard, Brown Water Hemlock, Common
Cypress Spurge Mustard, Field Water Willow
------- D Mustard, Garlic Water-cress
Daisy, Oxeye ------- N Water-horehound, American
Dame's Rocket Narrow-leaved Vetch Water-horehound, Cut-leaved
Dandelion, Common Nettle, Hemp Water-horehound, Virginia
Devil's Paintbrush Nightshade, Bittersweet Water-pepper, False
Dewberry, Swamp Nightshade, Black Water-pepper, Mild
Dewdrop Nightshade, Enchanters White Mountain Avens
Diapensia Nightshade, Purple White Trillium
Dockmackie ------- O Wild Carrot; Bird's Nest
Dogbane, Spreading Old Man's Beard Wild Oats
Dogfennel Orchid, Ragged Fringed Willow Herb, Eastern
Dogtooth Violet Osier-dogwood, Red Winter cress, Common
Dogwood, Knob-styled Oswego Tea Winterberry
Dogwood, Silky Ovate-leaved Violet Wintergreen
Doll's Eyes ------- P Wintergreen, Spotted
Dutch Clover Pale Smartweed Wintergreen, Striped
------- E Parsnip, Wild Wood Sorrel, Common
Elder, Common Partridge Berry Wood Sorrel, Yellow
Elderberry Pea, Everlasting Wrinkled Rose
Eyebright, European Pea, Perennial ------- X
------- F Pearly Everlasting ------- Y
False Mitterwort Penny-cress, Field Yarrow
False Violet Periwinkle Yellow Loosestrife
Feverfew Phlox, Garden Yellow Rattle
Field Pussytoes Phlox, Summer Yellow Rocket
Fireweed Pickerel weed ------- Z
Fleabane, Daisy Pie Marker

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